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 Natural Environment 

To secure a high quality of life for all Ohioans we need to protect the environment. Claire will ensure we protect Lake Erie and the future of our plentiful agriculture by fighting for policy that protects our resources and creates new green jobs while we are at it.


 Worker's Rights 

Claire believes that it is time to bring liberty and passion back to the workplace. Claire believes that we must fight to strengthen public and private sector unions and oppose legislation such as the right to work that prevents employees from organizing. Our First Amendment promises the right to association so every worker deserves the right to peacefully advocate and associate within the workplace.

Image by Gayatri Malhotra

 Abortion and the 
Right to Choose 

Claire will always support the right to choose for all individuals that can get pregnant.  Claire will work tirelessly in the state legislature with fellow representatives to ensure the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion in the Ohio constituion.

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 Local Education 

Our communities have pride in their schools. This is why we must ensure that our K-12 education has the support and funding it needs to not only make us proud, but also helps our kids excel and succeed in fulfilling lives.



Our campaign stands against the passage of HB454 which threatens to violate People's right to personal and medical privacy of transgender youth, potentially putting their lives in danger. Claire also calls for proactive action in protecting the LGBTQ+ community by providing medically approved gender-affirming care. She further calls for ensuring equality of opportunity by passing legislation that would prevent employers from firing workers on the basis of sexuality or gender. Further the removal of archaic “gay and transgender panic laws” that legally allow LGBTQ+ people to be discriminated against legally.

Image by Bo Harvey

 Gun Responsibility 

We can solve the issue of gun violence issue and put a dent in mass shootings across our state and nation by implementing background checks by passing laws that implement waiting periods to take their guns home. 

Image by CDC

 Your Healthcare 

Healthcare is a barrier for many in our communities. Claire knows all too well what it's like to not have the healthcare needed. That experience unfortunately is not uncommon in our community. This disparity must be addressed.



Claire pledges to work with the Ohioan Farmer to revitalize our agriculture. Claire promises to fight for Right to Repair Laws that will give farmers their deserved liberty to repair their own equipment. Claire will dedicate herself to the preservation of the Ohioan family farmer by voicing a state dialogue to bring the issues effecting them most to the Congressional Floor.

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