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Fair Maps For ALL Ohioans | Press Release

Mar 17, 2022

Last night, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the will of Ohio voters in the latest court Decision on Ohio's Redistricting Maps.

Claire shared her support for the Court’s decision, “I believe in our democracy and our balance of power including the checks and balances our state’s highest court provides. Last night’s ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court assures the voices are heard of over 70% of Ohioans who demanded that our district maps are fair. It's clear from the three prior redistricting efforts that the district maps need to be drawn collaboratively with the bipartisan Redistricting Committee’s full membership and led by an independent map maker.”

Claire’s position could not contrast more from the position shared by Representative Jon Cross via his press conference. At his 9:00A.M. press conference on March 17, Representative Cross discussed according to his Facebook posts his concerns including, “violations of the law” and his next steps. According to reporter Josh Rultenberg, Representative Cross stated “we should ignore the courts” in order to move forward with the struck down maps.

Claire upholds that “In 2018, Ohio voters made themselves clear when they voted for fair redistricting. I am grateful for the Ohio Supreme Court upholding the voice of Ohioans. This small group of Republicans want to drag out the redistricting process and blame Democrats. 

“This process has been blocked and slowed by majority partisans on the Redistricting Commission every step of the way. The redistricting process has been drawn behind closed doors in hotels that Ohioans are footing the bill for. If we are footing the bill we should be seeing the process.

“Ohioans deserve fair elections. We must stand up to this disregard for our courts, democracy, and law, and work towards fair elections for all.

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